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From the basic Electronic Patient Record Management to the cutting-edge ones like Drug Efficacy Analytics, we have the domain knowledge and expertise for your every healthcare management requirement. Our experience includes providing solutions like Clinical Collaboration Suites, Patient Interaction Platforms, Disease Registry Implementations etc

Finance & Equity

From tools for automated business valuation to virtual stock market platforms, we have implemented many large scale applications for our customers over the past decade. Our domain expertise also covers strong basics of the Corporate & Finance Sector including areas like Mergers & Acquisitions, Auctions, Non-Performing Asset Management, Insolvency etc.

Real Estate

From the property listing services to complete funnel management starting from builders to chain of property dealers and agents to the end buyer. We have implemented many complex applications for real-estate sector covering all residential, commercial and industrial domains. Our solutions covers all the stake holders of real estate markets.


From the most user-friendly front-ends to robust backends, we have the expertise of adding the personal touch to your bespoke e-commerce solutions. Our domain know-how includes providing solutions like efficient payment gateway integrations, user-activity management, customer conversion metrics etc


Our solutions offer various tools to study customer behaviors and their buying patterns. We have implemented solutions where by harnessing tons of big data, actionable insights for customer retention, individualized offers and incentives to boost sales were driven across a varied customer segment.


From streamlining and managing student information efficiently to automating processes for the Stakeholders, our solutions help students, teachers, parents and the school administrative staff to use school data in a more organized and structured manner. Our experience include proving ERP solutions for schools, colleges & universities.

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We understand that the amount and varied range of skills that is required to convert that great idea into a great implementation is immense.
That is why, we at Vibe, continually aim to improve our skill set and be at pace with the ever-changing technology matrix.

We take the stress, you take the success!

UI/Ux - Web & Mobile

Backend Integration

Bespoke Development

System Programming

Graphics Design

Digital Media & Marketing



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"To write code is the least bit. What is important is the problem solving ability."

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Mobile Application Development

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Custom Software Development

Digital Media

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Cloud Services

IT Security

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How we work

The process is designed to have that perfect blend of cost efficiency and project peformance



  • 1.1.   Requirement discovery and understanding
  • 1.2.   Expectation definition and communication
  • 1.3.   Goals, process and risk documentation

Development [Iterative]

  • 2.1.   Wireframe and storyboard designing
  • 2.2.   Execution and Development
  • 2.3.   Testing and client feedback

Delivery & Support

  • 3.1.   Successful Deployment
  • 3.2.   Post Delivery Support
  • 3.3.   Consultancy

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Life, isn't it?
But don't worry, we are not the ones to let it slip, whatever the blip!

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If yes, then apply for the positions below:

    React-NativeLevel Required- Hero

    We are looking for a React Native developer. You will be responsible for architecting and building these applications, as well as coordinating with the teams responsible for other layers of the product infrastructure. Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, a strong team player with a commitment to perfection is required.

    Email: hr@vibeindia.com
    Project ManagerLevel Required - SuperHero

    Project Manager / Senior Project Manager is to closely work with all the Product Development teams as well as with the implementation and delivery teams in order to ensure that the entire functionality is rolled out, on time, with quality and at the same time, ensuring the teams well-being. All this needs to be done with complete process focus and repeatability. 

    Email: hr@vibeindia.com

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Always working at the leading edge of the technological landscape, we have been innovating and delivering for a wide range of clients from past decade.

We consider ourselves as a social tech club where a bunch of technology enthusiasts work together to use technology for the overall good - both of your business and the society in general.

The positive social impact that a project can make is a huge factor in us deciding to commit to a project and give our absolute best to ensure its successful delivery, sustenance and growth. Never for a second, we lose the sight of our guiding mantra - "Do Good, Not Greed".

Also, our key fundamentals!


We ensure in being fully transparent to clients during the project life cycle.


You can't trust everyone with your confidential information BUT you can't go wrong when your choice is us!


With exceptional customer satisfaction ratings and many happy customers, we understand the meaning of impeccable service.


Our customers never worry about the security of their data. With us, you don't have to!


Our varied range of expertise in software & mobile development helps you get solution for every problem


Our expert team understands your requirements and help you bridge the gap between business & technical implementation

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